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Malden Little League

Congratulations to Our 2016 Distric All-Stars!

# Name Team
22 Isiah Bragg Pirates
11 Brenden Candeloro Orioles
33 Rober Spoto Dolphins
Shawn Bartholomew Pirates
57 Shai Cohen Dolphins
42 Thomas Barros Pirates
7 Joseph Melanson Orioles
12 Kyle D'Anna Athletics
4 Matthew Babineau Orioles
14 Aragorn Murden Pirates
16 Jeffery Melanson Orioles
13 Daniel Fitzpatrick Athletics
19 Ivan Johnson Dolphins

This year's journey for our District All-Star team has now come to an end, thank you for your support and congratulations to all of our players.

Cash Calendars

A big thank you to everyone who helped support Malden Little League by participating in our cash calendar fundraiser. We'll be announcing new winners daily for the month of June!

Date Prize Winner
June 29th $50 Casey Leon
June 28th $25 Daniel Arone
June 27th $25 Nagdere Desruisseaux
June 26th $25 Wilberto Ortiz
June 25th $25 Erin Simpson
June 24th $100 Carlos Ruiz
June 23rd $25 Tom Rowlands
cash calendar